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Beat Back The HunWhen I saw this poster, I immediately noticed the obvious racial discrimination for the "Hun" which was a name for the Germans of WWI. The purpose of this poster is to get the citizens of the countries that are against Germany to buy Liberty Bonds to help defeat the opposing army. The dark German is meant to portray and remind other countries that Germany is the real, evil enemy, and to beat them, you must buy liberty bonds. In a way, this poster can be shocking to someone that had not had any prior knowledge regarding WWI, simply because of the obnoxious racial discrimination of the Germans. One of the several types of propaganda is bandwagon propaganda because, the poster creates a superficial desire for soldiers to help their fellow countrymen beat such a merciless army without fighting in the war. The poster is supposed to be allowing countrymen to do their part in the war to defeat the German army. The target audience for this poster are the common folk that are not in the war, but know somebody that is, and have enough money to buy some liberty bonds. The neutral font of "Beat Back The..with" along with its white color show a neutral favor that the poster is asking common people to do for their soldiers, and for their country. The red font of the "Hun" depicts the Hun people as being evil and mad. The dark and bloody Hun soldier really does play on the people of the opposing army's emotions against the ruthless Hun army. The propaganda techniques that are used in this poster are, fear and bandwagon. Fear is used in that people were afraid of the Hun and when they saw this poster, they were reminded of their fear and hatred towards the Hun, which could possibly cause them to buy some Liberty Bonds. Bandwagon propaganda is used in that, the poster can be interpreted as showing that others are trying to beat the Hun with liberty bonds, and you should too. The appeal used in this poster is mainly pathos because it plays on the opposing army of the Hun army's fear and hatred toward them in order to get the people to buy liberty bonds. The messages in this poster are visual. The poster is effective in convincing commoners to do their part in the war to "beat back" the Hun. The harsh colors and bold font as well as the dark, evil Hun are the reasons why this poster creates fear and anger, and convinces people to buy liberty bonds to help their country's soldier to beat the Hun army.

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